Kafka: Metamorphoses


За български, виж предходната статия.


Along with the ontological, ethical, and aesthetic issues, which Gregor Zamza’s metamorphosis into an insect raises, there is the further question – or, rather, a transformation of these issues through the question – of the status of this metamorphosis qua social critique in Kafka’s renowned novella. Is Gregor’s becoming-animal a failed revolt against the Oedipal structures of capitalism as some influential interpretations claim? Is it, perhaps, a successful revolt in so far as he sheds the programmatic effect of the logos and turns to music, as others suggest? Is it a matter of purely passive regress which succeeds, or does not succeed, in pronouncing its verdict upon the social order? Is this metamorphosis as sudden as it is instantaneous, or does it unfurl gradually? Is there a metamorphosis at all? For over a year, the Sofia Literary Theory Seminar dedicated their internal discussions to the…

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