Manuscripts and Philosophical Wagers

The question of the role of institutional power in deciding theoretical issues is thus brought into the focus of an in-depth philosophical examination. Stawarska’s work has far reaching consequences with regard to both the predominant representations of structuralism and to its poststructuralist critique. Her approach opens a possibility for bringing together subject and structure and for overcoming contemporary theoretical impasses concerning agency. It is also indicative of the renewed interest in the early writing of Julia Kristeva.


2015-06-20 11.14.24By invitation of the Sofia Literary Theory Seminar on June 20 2015 Beata Stawarska gave a talk on some unexpected alliances between Saussure and Kristeva. The talk presented a continuation of the re-evaluation of Saussure’s legacy carried out in Stawarska’s book Saussure’s Philosophy of Language as Phenomenology. In the talk, as in her book, Stawarska re-examines in a radical way the philosophical implications of Saussure’s work whose (mis)conception has shaped almost any aspect of 20th century humanities and, through the influential figure of the Swiss linguist, provides a fresh perspective on those thinkers who (beginning with Socrates) have been (re)constructed by their followers. 2015-06-20 11.14.36Her arguments are based on the plentiful material which postdates the publication of the Course in General Linguistics and includes Saussure’s own manuscripts as well as the correspondence of his editors and students; but they also bring in the marginalized East European predecessors (Kazan…

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