Christine Wertheim



 Performance by

chr|stIne werthe|m


6 June 2014, Friday, 6.00 pm
Theater hall “Alma Alter”
Rectorate of Sofia University

m_Uter_bAbel_2-634x930At 6th of June the “Sofia Literary Theory Seminar” will punctuate the end of the series of academic discussions during the spring term, by presenting the art performance „mUtter–bAbel” by Christine Wertheim – poet, performance artist and literary critic.

Christine Wertheim teaches at the California Institute of the Arts, yet lectures and performs internationally. She is in Sofia by invitation of “Sofia Literary Theory Seminar” to present her new poetic suite “mUtter–bAbel”. The performance of the same name which includes and portrays the content of the book will be preceded by a short presentation by Christine on her works and creative writing techniques.

Christine Wertheim’s performances include sound poems, puppet plays, and vocal tributes to Valie Export, Jean-Pierre Brisset and Samuel Beckett. In the „mUtter–bAbel” performance she will present…

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